Registration for Broker/Introducers

There are two ways to become an Introducer or Broker on the AfricanX system. Firstly by filling in the online form and emailing applicable supporting documentation for your professional qualifications and or licensing within your jurisdiction, or by downloading the form and supplying by email.

  • Step 1: Fill-in the Application Form

  • Step 2: Supply scanned copies of your corporations documentation and any applicable licensing

  • Step 3: Supply individual Director, Officer, Broker, or Controlling Shareholder copy of passport, copy of a utility bill no earlier than 3 months (90 days) from the application date

  • Step 4: Fill-in the Broker/Introducer Agreement

  • Step 5: The Introducer Committee will review the application and you can begin to introduce new companies and investors to the system.

Please note: Declarations will be collected of any ownership in the firms introduced or control over client funds within your brokerage house, and disclosure of the fees collected for providing the service (Please not we do not permit commissions to be paid higher than 10% by any broker or introducer, any member who violates this rule will be permanently banned.)


Download - Broker/Introducer Application and Agreement

Broker/Introducer Level

The AfricanX market is the first global investment community for African Companies to unite and raise capital, supplying excellent market access to Africa. Broker members and introducers have direct market access to sponsor and submit companies, report their clients developments, place and accept trades, as well as see the order and depth of the Standard Market.

Many companies that you as a broker dealer or introducing professional have cannot list on the National Stock Exchanges or regional markets within your company as they are too small to “qualify” on the locally regulated markets. This has left a gap in the market for venture capital, crowd funding, and microloans. Within the AfricanX trading system Brokers and Introducers can submit new investors to the system, linked to their account, submit companies for listing, and or make direct investments as a broker dealer into Companies. There is no limit on the amount of capital a Broker Dealer or Introducer can make as an investment into the system as institutional investors.

Brokers now have access to the first “Pan-African” trading platform for private placements on the continent.

As a local introducer or broker you are responsible for providing research reports on companies you submit, providing all due diligence, and loading reporting requirements in accordance to market rules and local regulations. Introducers and Brokers can charge fees for their services, and take a commission fee for capital raised within the system, but not in exccess of 10%.

Introducers and Brokers should be able to demonstrate suitable experience, professional requirements, and regulated statuses applicable to their role in company formations, corporate structure, market listings, research, and compliance.

There are three markets of which you can make an application for:

  1. The Equity Crowd Funding Market where private placements like an IPO are made into the company. Building up the required investment of seed and start-up capital.

  2. The Equity Standard Market where shareholders who are sophisticated and qualified may resell their shares in private transactions with other investors on the system. The qualifying companies are private reporting companies within their jurisdiction with the applicable offering documents for general market trading.

Applications for the Standard Market must be filed by an introducer or broker dealer within the local market, they are responsible for ensuring the companies applying to join the market listings fulfil their reporting requirements, disclosures, and maintain Governance and Compliance to market rules. In addition, introducers and broker members are responsible for:

  • Appointing a suitable registrar or transfer agent
  • Providing a research and due diligence report
  • Arrange for settlement and issuance of shares for every order placed
  • Correctly complete the application forms
  • Supply AfricanX Broker Dealer with all information requested in the Application procedure or that the Listing Committee requires in a timely fashion
  • To report any irregularities of member companies to ensure market integrity
  • Ensure a competent accountant or auditor is appointed to the company upon receiving the placement and capital raised
  • Ensure any debt instruments are properly registered within the local market on behalf of investors
  • Ensuring timely announcements to the market and members


  1. Access to the entire African continent for investment opportunities
  2. Access to a global investors for clients
  3. A Market that is less onerous and has low fees for listing and raising capital
  4. A dedicated market trading platform which allows brokers to submit new companies, trade shares, and introduce new investors as accounts, with real-time trading and execution.
  5. Transparency to investors and brokers being the first African SME market to provide a transparent order book to both the brokers, investors, and issuers.
  6. Clearing and Settlement with T-0 delivery within the internally proprietary clearing system
  7. Access as a pre-qualified “corresponding broker” on our global market platforms to over 120 public markets
  8. Trade, execution, commissions, and settlement within USD, EURO, and GBP currency through a secure escrow account with an African transactional Bank
  9. Availability to trade Bonds, Shares, and Debts for clients, creating a liquid market for unlisted debts and equities
  10. No set-up fees as an introducer or broker with a clear “commission” agreement paying directly into your system account on execution

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