Benefits for Investors:

  • Feel good about making private investments into African companies directly and securely
  • Access to expert professional advice through the registered broker dealer network
  • Secure escrow of funds that are released only when all market requirements are fulfilled
  • Access to a liquid trading market for resale of investments
  • Public Profile showing your support of African Businesses as an investor and or remain anonymous to the public, including the ability to follow companies and opportunities
  • Compliance, Governance, and Audit trails to protect investor and market integrity
  • Access to training and education
  • Localized introducers and brokers who report the companies activities and market research reports
  • Flexible investment instruments, such as shares, partnership units, bonds, and debt
  • Any easy to use online system to manage all of your portfolio in Africa

Benefits for Issuers:

  • Maintain Control of your Company and choose the offering that suites your needs
  • Simple listing process and low fee structures
  • Global exposure to over 150,000 venture capital firms and high net worth investors
  • Social media marketing that builds your followers and supporters
  • Safe escrow of investor funds to ensure capital is available immediately
  • The advice of a professional broker dealer and Corporate Finance team
  • Access to training and education
  • Governance and Compliance Procedures and Audit trails
  • Access to a liquid trading market for investors
  • Flexible terms and conditions to suit every companies needs

Benefits for Brokers:

  • Access to the entire African continent for investment opportunities
  • Access to a global investors for clients
  • Less onerous and low fees
  • A dedicated market trading platform which allows brokers to submit new companies, trade shares, and introduce new investors.
  • Transparency to investors and brokers by providing a transparent order book to the brokers, investors, and issuers.
  • Clearing and Settlement with T-0 delivery within the internally proprietary clearing system
  • Become a pre-qualified “corresponding broker” on over 120 public markets
  • Trade, execution, commissions, and settlement within USD, EURO, and GBP currency
  • Trade Bonds, Shares, and Debts for clients, creating a liquid market for unlisted debts and equities
  • No set-up fees as an introducer or broker with a clear “commission” agreement paying directly into your system account

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