Registration for Investors

There are now 2 ways to open an Individual Account with us. You may either fill out the forms by downloading the PDFs and emailing us the application (and supporting documentation) or fill out the online form. It’s your choice.

In order to become a verified investor account, you will need to set-up a “brokerage account” at the licensed broker by:
  • Step 1: Filling-in the Investor Application form and declarations and agree to the platform terms and conditions (Some jurisdictions may require additional declarations of sophistication, accredited, or qualified documentation, we reserve the right to request this documentation prior to account activation.)

  • Step 2: Uploading or emailing a scanned copy or digital photo of your passport

  • Step 3: Uploading or emailing a scanned copy or digital photo of a utility bill showing your address, with a date no earlier than 3 months (90 days) of making the application

  • Step 4: Verification of you jurisdiction and the filing of any applicable “tax” related forms and withholding documentation for our reference.

  • Step 5: Making a minimum deposit of $500 USD or equivalent into the brokerage “escrow” account to activate the account upon approval of your “know your client” and “anti-money laundering” documentation.

Download Documentation

Investor Level

As an Investor into African based projects and companies you will have the first ever Pan-African view of opportunities that assist the economic and social development of exciting frontier business opportunities. The majority of African markets are used to paying high-yield interest to the local Banks and Micro-Finance lenders within their jurisdiction, and therefore offer attractive opportunities for international and direct foreign investment to lower the cost of capital and increase the rate of return for African entrepreneurs and projects.

As the first united African global investment community, AfricanX has built the required relationships with local introducers, brokers, and professionals to supply the due diligence on the businesses and equities offered. Projects that primarily are only ever seen by Investment Banks focused on Africa are now liberated by the availability of direct investment by socially responsible sophisticated investors like yourself.

African owned or based businesses or projects are capable of attracting Direct Investment and Pan-African investment into their campaign through the licensed broker dealers and introducers who guide you as an investor on the disclosures, risks, disclaimers, and opportunities. Investors can self-direct their investment or ask for “advice” to registered professionals to whom they have opened an “account” with.

The transactions are “Private Placement” for the crowd funding system and “private reselling” for the investor to investor trading markets.

There are two markets of which you can make an application for:

  1. The Equity Crowd Funding Market where private placements like an IPO are made into the company. Building up the required investment of seed and start-up capital.

  2. The Equity Standard Market where shareholders who are sophisticated and qualified may resell their shares in private transactions with other investors on the system. The qualifying companies are private reporting companies within their jurisdiction with the applicable offering documents for general market trading.


  1. Feel good about making private investments into African companies directly and securely

  2. Access to expert professional advice through the registered broker dealer network

  3. Secure escrow of funds that are released only when all market requirements are fulfilled

  4. Access to a liquid trading market for resale of investments

  5. Public Profile showing your support of African Businesses as an investor and or remain anonymous to the public, including the ability to follow companies and opportunities

  6. Compliance, Governance, and Audit trails to protect investor and market integrity

  7. Access to training and education

  8. Localized introducers and brokers who report the companies activities and market research reports

  9. Flexible investment instruments, such as shares, partnership units, bonds, and debt

  10. An easy to use online system to manage all of your portfolio in Africa

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