Registration for Issuers

The registration process will take you through the various sections: You will need to have the following information available to complete the registration process: Alternatively, you can download the application form and complete manually *
  • Step 1: Fill in the Issuer Application Form (Additional requests may be made for documentation filed within the issuers jurisdiction.)

  • Step 2: Officer, Director, and Controlling Shareholder disclosure documentation including a scanned copy of the individual passport, a scanned copy of a utility bill showing the physical address and name no more than 3 months (90 days) from the date of application

  • Step 3: Uploading of Corporate profile, applicable offering documents, memorandums, financials, and Business Plan. (Including verification of any required filings within the issuer jurisdiction.)

  • Step 4: Supplying the Corporate Finance department with applicable material contracts, events, documentation, and otherwise required for the listing committee to consider the application.

  • Step 5: Setting of the asking price, and beginning the campaign and social media marketing

Download Application Forms:

Issuer Application Form -

Director & Officer Form -

Controlling Shareholder Form –

Email all completed documentation to

As an African owned or based business or project you are capable of attracting Direct Investment and Pan-African investment into your campaign through the licensed broker dealers and introducers.

AfricanX has solved this issue by building a platform of which Verified Investor members who are registered with a licensed broker dealer can review applicable “African” campaigns and invest into the private company directly through the broker or self-directed. This is “Private Placement” for the crowd funding and “private reselling” for the investor to investor trading markets.

There are two markets of which you can make an application for:

  • 1. The Equity Crowd Funding Market where private placements like an IPO are made into the company. Building up the required investment of seed and start-up capital.

  • 2. The Equity Standard Market where shareholders who are sophisticated and qualified may resell their shares in private transactions with other investors on the system. The qualifying companies are private reporting companies within their jurisdiction with the applicable offering documents for general market trading.


  • 1. Maintain Control of your Company and choose the offering that suites your needs

  • 2. Simple listing process and low fee structures

  • 3. Global exposure to over 150,000 venture capital firms and high net worth investors

  • 4. Social media marketing that builds your followers and supporters

  • 5. Safe escrow of investor funds to ensure capital is available immediately

  • 6. The advice of a professional broker dealer and Corporate Finance team

  • 7. Access to training and education

  • 8. Governance and Compliance Procedures and Audit trails

  • 9. Access to a liquid trading market for investors

  • 10. Flexible terms and conditions for every companies needs

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